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Raj Nagar Extension NH- 58 Ghaziabad

 Shree Energy Group Raj Nagar ExtensionShree Energy Group an affordable offering in Raj Nagar Ext, Ghaziabad for different price points and income segment. Offering 2 BHK and 3 BHK, Shree Energy Group is designed to suit your needs. Present close to the Capital, Shree Energy Group assumes importance considering the facilities, location advantage and price point.

Floor Plans

Price List

@ 2100/- Sq. Ft.
2 BED ROOM M2 & M4 1150 Sq.Ft. 2,415,000
2 BED ROOM M1 & M5 1195 Sq.Ft. 2,509,000
2 BED ROOM+ STUDY ROOM M3 1335 Sq.Ft. 2,803,000
3 BED ROOM H2 1540 Sq.Ft. 3,234,000
3 BED ROOM H1 1580 Sq.Ft. 3,318,000